Discount Plan

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free exclusive plan benefits

Free 6 month check-ups (2x per Year!)

Free X-rays (2x per Year!) [4 BiteWings, 2 PA’s & Pano]

Free & Unlimited Emergency Exams. No more expensive emergency visits!

Free Basic cleanings (2x per Year!). Deep cleaning members must sign up for Adult Perio Plan

Free Orthodontic Consult + $299 off Braces

25% off Restorative Treatment*

Free Cosmetic Consultations

3 year warranty for all Crowns, Dentures & Veneers Purchased through the Discount Plan!* 

Discount Plan

Adult $ 149

Family $ 139 + $ 79 per person

*must be purchased together on same day*

Child $ 99

*12y/o or younger*


2x Fluoride Application

50% Off Sealants

Adult Perio $ 199


$ 100 Deep Cleaning *per quadrant

2x Basic Cleaning/Perio Maintenance

Annual Membership Plan allows for patients who currently do not have insurance to receive quality dental care at a reduced price.

Service No Insurance Discount Plan Savings $$$
Exam $120 COVERED $120
Limited Exam $84 COVERED $84
Prophy/Cleaning $120 COVERED $120
Child Prophy $100 COVERED $100
X-Rays $165 COVERED $165
Deep Clean/SRP (per quad) $300 $100 $200
Fillings $265 $198 $67
Sealant $61 $30 $31
Simple Ext $281 $210 $71
Surgical Ext $350 $262 $88
Crown $1,340 $1,005.00 $335
Dentures $3,940 $2,955 $985

*Starting Prices. May vary based on treatment

*25% Off Restorative Treatment from UCR fee. Includes fillings, extractions, crowns, veneers, dentures, and night guards.

*Pricing excludes work done by specialists. 

* Must be 12 y/o or younger to qualify for Child Plan.

* Deep Cleaning members must sign up for Adult Perio Plan. If you are unsure, we will perform an exam and determine if you qualify. $70 fee due before exam and diagnosis can be performed. $70 will be applied towards your purchase of the Adult or Adult Perio Plan.

*This is discount plan and not an insurance policy.

* Treatment must be done within 1 full calendar year, and anything extended past year will require a plan renewal.

* 3 year warranty applies to restorative work completed at Fundamental Dental. The patient has done their best to maintain restoration (includes brushing & flossing), as well as attended all 6 month exams and cleanings since restoration has been placed.

  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Deductibles
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Required
  • No Waiting Periods
  • Walk-Ins Welcome!