Night Guards

Night Guards

Grind Guard Dental Model Case

Who needs a Night Guard?

At Fundamental Dental, we recommend trying a night guard to our patients who grind, or clench, their teeth while sleeping. About 12% of adults suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Doing this in your sleep may cause you to awaken with tooth pain, a dull headache, or a sore jaw. Night guards are used to help curtail teeth grinding while you sleep

How can I get a Night Guard?

Night guards can be found without a prescription in most pharmacies, or our office can custom make one tailored to your bite. If you purchase a night guard from a pharmacy, or similar store, it is important to get the boil and bite kind. These are made of a thermoplastic material that softens when placed in hot water allowing you to bite and create a guard shaped for your teeth. We recommend going with a custom night guard made from impressions of your jaw taken at our office. This will ensure that you have a proper fitting night guard and allowing you to not hassle with making your own and trying to adjust it

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How do I maintain my Night Guard?

Caring for your mouth guard is very simple, just rinse with cold water and wash with a mild soap after each use. We will provide a firm container to store your night guard when not being used. Before inserting your mouth guard it’s important to check it for small tears or holes; if you notice any of these it is time to get a new mouth guard.