Oral Surgery

Oral surgery

Call Out: Oral surgery is needed if patients require a surgical procedure performed in or around the mouth or jaw. Fundamental Dental offers many services, and our doctor has years of experience in oral surgery, providing patients with quality care they can trust.

panoramic x ray image of teeth and mouth with wisdom teeth

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is needed if a patient has an issue in or around the mouth or jaw that requires surgery. Oral surgery must be done by a dental specialist. Fundamental Dental provides oral surgery services to our patients, and our doctor has years of experience and skill. We use state of the art technology and equipment, bringing the latest and greatest tools and techniques to our patients.

What Are Common Types of Oral Surgery?

  • Gum grafts
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Root Canals
  • Mouth and facial trauma surgery
  • Infections
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dentist during a dental intervention with a patient. dental clinic concept.

Why Would Oral Surgery Be Necessary?

If a patient requires a procedure in the mouth or jaw that is beyond the skills of a general dentist, you may need oral surgery. Examples include patients that suffer from gum disease and need gum grafting, or patients who have impacted wisdom teeth.Other examples include patients that may have had an injury to the teeth or mouth.


Fundamental dental provides a variety of services, and our goal is to make patients knowledgeable about the care they need. We provide a friendly and pleasant environment, and will ensure your oral surgery is a success.


During your oral surgery consultation, our doctor will review your medical historyand discuss the treatment needed. We will create a customized treatment plan that works for you. Fundamental Dental offers many financial options, and can work with any budget, to ensure our patients receive the care they need

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What Should I Expect if I Need Oral Surgery?

Our staff will discuss all of the details with you before your surgery appointment to make sure you are prepared. We know surgeries can cause a patient to feel nervous or anxious, and our team will provide a calm and relaxing environment. We recommend patients arrange for transportation home in advance of their surgery date. Patients will not be able to drive after their surgery due to the lasting effects of anesthesia. If pain medication or antibiotics are needed, our doctor will prescribeany medications ahead of time. This helps so patients can have them ready for pick up after your surgery.


Depending on the surgery needed, you may be put under general anesthesia. We recommend not eating at least 8 hours before your surgery time. A soft food diet will be required after your surgery for a few days, and patients can introduce solid foods eventually as they move through the healing process.


Wearing comfortable clothes is important, and do not wear jewelry or contact lenses during your surgery. If you are on any medications, we may ask that you stop taking those prior to your surgery. This will all be discussed during your pre-surgery consultation with our doctor.

dentist and patient discussion about planned teeth treatment in dental clinic office
panoramic x ray image of teeth and mouth with wisdom teeth

Interested in Learning More About Oral Surgery in Dallas, TX?

If you are interested in finding an oral surgeon in Dallas, TX, Fundamental Dental is the preferred dentist near you. We offer same and next day appointments, and we are a full-service practice providing care for patients of all ages.


When patients need oral surgery, they want to know they are in good hands. Our team at Fundamental Dental prepares our patients,to make sure they have the very best experience. We welcome you to choose Fundamental Dental, and experience a quality and affordable dentist in Dallas, TX.


Our office is conveniently located near Medical City Heart Hospital, making us a great choice for families in the area.


To schedule a consultation with us, contact Fundamental Dental, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.